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EnergyCode Nigeria Limited, with a cumulative management experience of 60 years, is a growing company with a dedicated team of professionals committed to delivering excellence in the Oil and Gas industry, Construction, Maritime, Real Estate and Commercial sectors. Currently, we have a workforce of over 10 skilled employees, including engineers, technicians, project managers, and support staff.

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Services We Offer

Bond Wall Construction and Maintenance

Pipeline Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Pressure Testing/Leak Detection Services:

  • Preventive Maintenance of Wellheads
  • Pressure Testing of Vessels and Pipelines
  • Leak Detection and Repair Services
  • Integrity Testing for Surface and Underground Storage Tanks
  • Hydrostatic Testing

Sea Transportation Services:

  • Preventive Maintenance of Wellheads
  • Marine Vessels Supply and Operation
  • Offshore Operation Support Services
  • Marine Security & Escort

Onshore Environmental/Waste Management

Environmental Restoration Services

Waste Management Services

Supply of Materials and Equipment:

  • Tank/Vessel Cleaning
  • Safety Equipment (PPE)
  • Minor Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Maintenance Materials
  • Computer Accessories/Consumables
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Supply (e.g., Christmas Trees, Valves, HVAC)

Technical Consultancy:

  • Tank/Vessel Cleaning
  • Technical Integrity Management/Assurance.
  • Scaffolding Certification.
  • Safety Audit/Technical Surveys.
  • Project Management.
  • Interface Management & Regulatory Compliance.
  • Engineering Services (above 50,000 man-hours).
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Services
Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Services

Major Construction Services:

  • Tank/Vessel Cleaning
  • Installation & Upgrade of Onshore & Offshore Production Facilities & Platforms.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services
  • Structural Engineering and Offshore Scaffolding.

Underwater Inspection & Services:

  • Underwater Inspection
  • ROV Operation and Associated Services (Underwater Welding)

Contact Details

64, Ajiran Road, Agungi Lekki, Lagos

+234 7032652323

For enquiries/ questions

Write to us for all enquiries and questions regarding any of our services. We’ll respond as timely as possible providing you with professional service consultation.